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New Media, these days, is not so new. And we’re old hands with significant experience. Our strategic advice is therefore second-to-none, having already been tried and tested.

The online world is now a frontline marketing mechanism, the cutting edge marketing mechanism, we’d argue… Good strategic advice is therefore very important to your business. And we’re old hands with significant experience. Our strategic advice is therefore second-to-none, having already been tried and tested.

Our in-depth knowledge allows us to make involved and academic online options seem simple.Vizteak softwear will only provide you with the perfect online proposition


We are at the front position of Development Company, tracking innovations and trends, uncovering opportunities and using our knowledge for our client’s benefit. With the benefit of Vizteak softwear online strategy your online business will be the best it can be.

We take a tactical approach to your online business. From a neutral standpoint we give you the best possible strategic advice, recommending only the most effective and most relevant online solutions, entirely focusing on your business objectives.

By evaluating your existing offering both online and offline - we are able to advise on, for example, improving or revamping your historical online strategy, introducing or refining search marketing, devising effective email campaigns, or whatever is most relevant to a client’s business ambitions. The strategies we create and recommend are the ones which will make a major difference to your business.


Vizteak softwear consists of designers, branding-experts and marketing professionals and we will just about always fetch an incorporation plan to bear on your business ensuring consistency through all online and offline efforts. We also advise on the viability of moving your existing business processes online.

Online Marketing strategy

We are intelligent and capable online communicators. We know what works as well as why and how it works. We apply our knowledge to your business aims and align your web strategy to your business strategy.


Today there are so many web sites on the web, but so few of them have good content and there are even fewer web sites that have large amounts of content. Why is the web like this? For one most webmasters are trying to make a quick buck and others don't know where to begin or are too lazy to do the work.

What advantages?

Our professional Web & graphic designers can help you succeed! We have what is necessary to develop the most effective Web designs. With our designs your marketing efforts will be worthy and highly profitable.


There's more to good design than meets the eye. Look further and there's a solid design strategy behind the web and print designs Ad Ventures creates.

We open our minds to open a whole new world of possibilities for your company.

Does your website accurately reflect your business positioning? Are you getting increasing revenue from your website? Are you getting appropriate return on your website investment?

If the answer for the above questions is no or maybe, you may need to redesign your website; or start a new one from scratch.

Vizteak softwear Team is a US offices in Boston, MA and Cleveland, OH, based web design company that offers internet and intranet solutions for medium size businesses. Our web development solutions are designed to fit your budget and extract highest return on investment. Are you tired of delays in updating your website contents and features? Is the cost of website maintenance going out of hand? Click here for details of our outsourcing program.

we've worked with that we believe are particularly "going places." While working with these companies, our contacts made smart decisions, they shared, they empowered. And we sincerely believe they will see even more success based on the paths they are choosing.

Our Services & Capabilities

Decide upon the platform upon which you are going to build the Web application.

Bright Concepts

Designing and coding your site are just a small part of the development process. The main hurdle to overcome is finding that clear business concept.

Consistency Across the Board

From web to print to package design and advertising, your clients will recognize your company by the visual impressions you make.

Fast Loading Websites

Studies have found that most people wont wait more than 4-5 seconds for a page to load before leaving a website. We make sure this doesnt happen.

Long-term Brand Recognition- Support

Where will your company be in the next two to five years? What about five to ten years? We can help you develop a brand that will upscale from a startup to a more complete corporate identity

Other Services

Given our exhaustive experience in web, internet, software development, web hosting, IT services and project management,